witchhouse is like dance music for tumbtards


you can literally buy psychedelics on amazon.

try magic mushrooms, the only antidepressant that has ever worked for me



Ayria - My Device

party like it’s the 90s

lawd, been there done that

try namnambulu’s remix of disease

also, try mindinabox - amnesia & assemblage 23 - regret

i’ll go back to listening lady gaga remixes though




Ayria - My Device

party like it’s the 90s

I’m looking for a hot new right boy to date! ;)


My name’s Stacey, I’m 22 and live in Amsterdam. I’m looking for a smart intellectual metalhead kinda guy!

My ideal boyfriend has a slight beer belly, carefully concealed beneath a black hoodie or a shiny long black leather trenchcoat. He also has denim or black jeans, preferably a size too large, because he’s not a hipster douchebag who wears tight pants.

My ideal boyfriend also wear long black combat boots, like all other metal boys. It gets me really horny when you tell me about how useful your big black combat boots would be if you ever got into a fight with someone! ;)

He also has long hair which he generally wears in a ponytail. He doesn’t use shampoo, but preferably keeps his ponytail greasy and a little smelly. I like my men a bit dirty ^ - ^ . He shaves his beard about once every two months. He either wears Axe deodorant because he believes it will attract women after he skimmed through the Wikipedia page on pheromones, or he wears no deodorant at all! ;)

He’s also an intellectual, and reads books like “Althus Spoke Zarathustra”. His favorite blog is ReturnofKings.com. He also eats a lot of red meat, because eating meat makes a man more manly. After reading Nietzsche he discovered that he is an Übermensch. He is convinced that most of his friends who listen to the same bands as him are Übermenschen as well.

He’s into good heavy metal music like Amon Amarth and Burzum. When someone mentions listening to other music that’s not metal, classical music, neofolk or dark ambient, he makes a sarcastic and dismissive remark and says something about Britney Spears or Justin Bieber and how their fans need to die.

He believes metal is not related to rock music, but rather a direct descendant of classical music. He automatically assumes that any guy under forty who doesn’t listen to metal or at least hard rock has an IQ below 100. He uses goth as an insult for any popular metal band he doesn’t like (Cradle of Filth etcetera).

He’s also into politics! He bases his political views on the conversations he has with other metalheads while drunk, or looks at the lyrics of his favorite bands to make his mind up about an issue. He refers to his own political views as conservative or libertarian. When others disagree with his views, he declares them to be liberals or leftists.

He’s an atheist (or a pagan or a satanist) but opposes abortion and doesn’t believe in global warming, but does believe that most people have to be killed because the planet is overpopulated. He is convinced that charities are ineffective and yet at the same time the reason the Earth is overpopulated, despite never having taken the basic effort to look at what charities actually do or why people decide to have a lot of children.

His main hobbies are visiting metal concerts and playing video games like Minecraft, League of Legends and first person shooters. He doesn’t like going to restaurants (except for fast food restaurants) or the cinema because you can download movies from the Internet and eat hot pockets at a fraction of the price of the food you get at a restaurant.

His idea of a fun night out consists of taking his girlfriend to a metal concert before heading back to his home to play videogames and listen to more metal. He also likes to go hiking with his girlfriend, an experience he believes is greatly enhanced by putting his cell phone on speaker mode and playing some metal or some medieval sounding RPG music that he ripped from youtube.

When asked what we loves about his girlfriend, he mumbles something about how she’s pretty smart for a girl and doesn’t behave like a liberal or listen to hiphop.

If this is you, then please PM me! ;)


/r/new_right is a mix of lowbrow white anger, mayonesa being full of himself, mainstream news articles with no commentary, useless GOP grumblings, linkbait titles, and the occasional argument about Jews. to the extent that it’s better than /r/whiterights, is because the crap is diluted with noise. it’s a crap in a litterbox with sand instead of a crap on the floor.

amerika.org et. al exists in a weird bubble of hippie nihilist Republicans who listen to metal and want to be folksy and edgy at the same time and end up not appealing to much of anyone else on the far right.

Yepyepyep. Mayonesa and his friends/alts (there’s no way of telling really) try to convince themselves that they’re deep down really angry white Texan conservative males, and when he’s afraid people are about to figure out he’s a cynical hippie disguised as an angry white male he ramps up the trolling.

Also, if you actually bother using Reddit enhancement suit to ban imgur posts (SCUMBAG STACEY, WONT SUCK YOUR DICK) and youtube video’s from most subreddits you’ll find that Reddit is preferable over Tumblr.


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<3 u laof